We are a family business called Exponentials Downunder.

Our coaching and training business has been going for the last 18 years, operating in Australia and New Zealand supporting businesses to grow and prosper.

This year, 2018, we are offering Exponentials Down Under as a special service aimed at supporting businesses to grow exponentially and dominate their niche.

We are moving into a new level of coaching by being trained and coached by Gazelles International Coaches on the way to certification this year.

Who we are

Mike and Rose Kennedy have been married for 20 years and are a dynamic team supporting businesses to learn and grow through their coaching services and learning events.

Colleen Kennedy, Mike’s sister, is a coach who has recently returned from two years building a not for profit orphanage for special needs children in Cambodia.

Ted Kennedy, Rose and Mike’s son, has a passion for videoing and is taking his place in the family business as the resident camera man and videographer.


“Lots of people know how to listen, but you really hear whatever I say and you say it back to me in a way I never heard it before.” Noelle Hill Wheelchair Entrepreneurs Sydney

“That was a brilliant bit of coaching to get me from annoyed to seeing my passion.  You totally nailed it..  I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself, it’s so obvious.”  Anita Alexander, Psychologist, Sydney.

“Thanks Mike for keeping patiently on my case.  Now I feel i have found what I always wanted and needed in life, but never knew existed.”  Mike Wood, Chartered Accountant, London.

“What have you done to me Mike?  Life has not felt this awesome for a really long time.”  Vanessa Business owner Sydney

Our AddsValue Biz team

Mike Kennedy

Outdoor portrait

Personal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years.  His company; Exponential Support and Guidance, uses Gazelles “Scaling Up”materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses. He is working this year to complete his certification with Gazelles.   LinkedIn profile.


  • background of running a 25+ year training business in two countries.
  • established international accredited training program in  New Zealand
  • trained and mentored 36 business coaches nationally in New Zealand
  • coached business owners for 15 years nationally in agriculture, financial services, manufacturing and health care industries
  • set up and ran 12 businesses, selling three, in service, education, health and manufacturing industries
  • training to be a certified Gazelles coach
  • coached business clients in Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Cambodia and France

Mike is Colleen’s brother and Rose’s husband.  It’s a family business.

Colleen Kennedy

Col's Portrait

Personal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia.  She uses Gazelles “Scaling Up”materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses. LinkedIn profile

Recently returned from supporting a not-for-profit special needs orphanage to turn around, Colleen set up and managed the Beyond the Ordinary hub and tea house, supporting women’s enterprises in Inner-West Sydney for eight years.

  • 25 years experience as teacher, trainer, mentor and coach
  • trained Results coaches Australia
  • maintained 16 years coaching practice, specialising in growing women’s enterprises
  • studying to be a certified Gazelles coach
Rose Kennedy
Rose 4

Administrator, trouble shooter and change agent with a background as a sports coach.  LinkedIn profile.

Rose keeps the two coaches and all participants organised and supported.  She has worked for the last 25 years in Australia and New Zealand as:


  • administration manager
  • executive assistant to GM
  • in-house change agent
  • sales and marketing manager
Ted Kennedy

TRA Photographer

Ted is our resident photographer and videographer.

He has been videoing and taking photographs for the last 15 years.

The last year, he has been videoing interviews with business owners, talking about their business values, vision and offerings..

The Exponential Support and Guidance family is proud to offer you  support with the EXPONENTIALS Down Under Program