Taking Responsibility and Blame Can’t be Spoken in the Same Breath

It’s just what’s so.

You can blame the economy, your competition and the government.

…or you can just get on with it.

You can blame your staff, your managers, your designers and your suppliers.

…or you can just deal with it.

You can blame your competitor’s success on luck, an unfair advantage or an accident of nature.

…or you can learn from it and design your own unfair advantage.

You can procrastinate and talk about how one day (some-day maybe) you are going to scale up and take the market by storm…

…or you can just start and do it.

Whenever you are ready to take responsibility and actually do something about what you really, really want to do…email me and we’ll take the next step of you creating something precise, something that,s sustainable, something that works, something that will be the foundation of rapid growth.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s simple.

It’s just something you need to do when you take responsibility for where you want to take your business.

Blame is such a static, negative and barren game – the dynamism and productivity of taking responsibility is self evident.


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