Everything I do is the Right Decision at the Right Time!

Claudia Batten, New Zealand’s pride and joy, NZTE’s Golden Girl,  doing Big things in the world said this in a recent radio interview.

…and she added:

“…and if it’s not, I figure out how to make it work!”

Transactional Analysis tells us we have two psychological positions that form our thinking and perceptions. (PAC)

The P in PAC stands for the Parent.  This represents the critical voice we all have within, that sows seeds of self-doubt, that hold us back from taking any risky actions.

The C in PAC, stands for the Child.  This represents your inner child, exploring, adventuring and creative, pushing the boundaries, challenging the status quo.

In business, it pays to understand these two dynamics and the eternal inner battle they conduct every day in every way in your thinking and decision making.

You see, the purpose of the Parent is to protect the child from themselves.  Risk adverse, the parent diligently works to minimise risk at all costs.

And in business, the most dangerous game in town is playing safe.  Especially in this digitally disruptive age where the most conservative established icons, processes and businesses are daily falling from their pedestals.

Transactional Analysis solves this problem of knee jerk risk aversion in business, by inserting a new position between the parent and child; the Adult.

The Adult is the rational part of you who listens to the case of the Child and to the argument of the Parent.  It then makes a decision, based on current realities as well as the merits of either lines of reasoning.

The result?

A well considered decision, that takes into consideration the risks and the current reality.

Not only that, the under the radar conflict of the Parent and the Child gets brought out and dealt with in the cold light of day.

The result of that is psychological integration of the Self.

Which, in our society, is commonly known as being an “Adult”

You’ve seen bad leadership before.  A mixture of rigid thinking and knee-jerk, “childish” behavior is an outward expression of the push/pull tug of war between the Parent and the Child.

So what’s Claudia Batten talking about every decision she makes is the right decision got to do with this?

If you are compromised by this internal battle we have explored, you are constantly seeking approval.  In fact, some people get paralysed from making decisions because they are terrified of making the “wrong” decision.  They want to make the “Right” decision.

Just like a possum frozen in the headlights or the kid in the lolly shop paralysed by too much choice, they don’t have the adult to take charge to make a decision that they are willing to back as being “The Right Decision.”

Claudia Batten’s Adult is firmly ensconced and is not taking any nonsense.

“When she stands, she stands. When she sits, she sits. She never, ever wobbles.”

It’s a wonderful thing to see.

Thank you Claudia.

We are so, so proud of you.


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