Business Owners who give a S…T! Number 3: Chong of Town Hall Mr Minute.

You know I love talking about businesses that are pumping, driven by the heart and soul of the business owner.

That’s why I’m writing to you about an amazing owner of a franchise called Mr Minute, who is situated at the Western entrance to Town Hall station, underground in the Pavilion.

I had some engraving work to do and they made the whole process painless, swift and care free at a reasonable cost…and the result was incredible!

I stayed while they were doing it and it was amazing.

Two caring and skillful craftsman working on their jobs create an atmosphere of silence and focus.  It was an absolute pleasure sharing that space with them.  All around us was the busy flow of passing traffic, people oblivious of the oasis of peace at Mr Minute.

Not only that, I discovered that Chong, the owner is a very enterprising young man who has a purpose.  I’ve noticed in my previous interviews in the “Business Owners Who Give a S..T!” series, that each one of these energetic, vital individuals, have a purpose that’s bigger than their business.

Interesting to see this in a franchise – the “buying a job” option, which usually attracts inexperienced business owners who simply are looking for a job.

Certainly Chong is an exceptional young man with big dreams and a generous, big hearted unreasonable approach to customer service.

So, if you are needing inspiration and are getting tired of the sea of business owners who don’t care…and you want to see a business owner who gives a “s..t!”, go and check out this amazing Mr Minute outlet under the ground at Town Hall West.

This guy is full of drive, endless enthusiasm and effortless outstanding service.  It fills you with hope!



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