Well, It’s Been a While…

Yes, I know, I’ve neglected you.

I’ve been knee deep in business study, going deep and wide, preparing for my Gazelles training in St Louis in Mid October.

Funny thing, is that usually, I learn wide, but not too deep generally.  I try to understand basics, but don’t spend too much time with stuff I previously considered impractical.

However, I’ve been reading guys that drag to down to the bottom of the learning lake, until your last breath…and then they hold you down there for another hour.

I’ve come up, gasping for air, barely surviving, but touched by the depth of what I have learned, blown away at what I now understand, barely able to tolerate my old beloved shallow and broad.

So, hang onto your hats, my posts are going to change.

It’s three weeks today until I fly to St Louis, to hang out and learn from some of the top coaches in the world for 8 days.

I’m so excited.

A new portrait


Business Owners who give a S…T! Number 3: Chong of Town Hall Mr Minute.

You know I love talking about businesses that are pumping, driven by the heart and soul of the business owner.

That’s why I’m writing to you about an amazing owner of a franchise called Mr Minute, who is situated at the Western entrance to Town Hall station, underground in the Pavilion.

I had some engraving work to do and they made the whole process painless, swift and care free at a reasonable cost…and the result was incredible!

I stayed while they were doing it and it was amazing.

Two caring and skillful craftsman working on their jobs create an atmosphere of silence and focus.  It was an absolute pleasure sharing that space with them.  All around us was the busy flow of passing traffic, people oblivious of the oasis of peace at Mr Minute.

Not only that, I discovered that Chong, the owner is a very enterprising young man who has a purpose.  I’ve noticed in my previous interviews in the “Business Owners Who Give a S..T!” series, that each one of these energetic, vital individuals, have a purpose that’s bigger than their business.

Interesting to see this in a franchise – the “buying a job” option, which usually attracts inexperienced business owners who simply are looking for a job.

Certainly Chong is an exceptional young man with big dreams and a generous, big hearted unreasonable approach to customer service.

So, if you are needing inspiration and are getting tired of the sea of business owners who don’t care…and you want to see a business owner who gives a “s..t!”, go and check out this amazing Mr Minute outlet under the ground at Town Hall West.

This guy is full of drive, endless enthusiasm and effortless outstanding service.  It fills you with hope!



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A Business With Community, Style & Soul

You know I love businesses, business models and businesses with clearly defined values and vision.

And I really love businesses that add value to their community.

One business I really love to visit in Sydney is Deus Ex Machina (The God in the Machine)

I was talking to the very knowlegeable and helpful Faidon about business models, motorcycles, Reg Mombassa and how much I loved this place when it opened, mixing art, motorbikes and coffee cultures –  a heady mix at that time!

He mentioned an amazing place for me to visit in Newtown – a business that mixed coffee culture, good food and bikes – but that had a community vision around helping locals maintain and rebuild their bikes – so I sought it out – it was called “The Rising Sun”

If you check out the website, it tells the story of friends coming together to bring their businesses together, using crowdfunding, making a difference to the community, using a club business model – they really have it all going on and are experts at maneuvering in this form of business.

Down  a back lane in Newtown, it’s the sort of place only locals would know about.

Here’s my first impressions:

Then I met Brad.

He’s a highly skilled mechanic who is managing the workshop, freeing up one of the owners to build their family.

He was articulate, reflective, an amazing teacher who oozed patience with both machines…and people.

He knew the business model intimately patiently fielding my questions and gently correcting me any time I generalised or assumed.  Both he and the owners are determined to stay true to their community vision.

On the community side, I couldn’t think of a better person to facilitate this amazing place of learning and fellowship.  This guy knows machinery...and he knows people.

He told the story that he had  motorbike accident recently and put it out to the community that he needed some help in the workshop.  The people came and helped.

This community is alive and well.

You eat fantastic food, you have great coffee, the environment is amazing, there’s an amazing mezzanine floor upstairs – great for meetings and get togethers – it’s  a community hub.

…and through the interior, there are hat tips to the investors and founders, giving credit, where credit is due.  The wall of fame pictured below, features spanners with names of crowd funding individual contributors engraved upon them.  The people who made this happen – all get acknowledged.  Everybody is a part of the community.

(Brad and Me sharing a selfie!)

Go and Check it out!

If you have an idea for your community, who could you partner with to create an inspirational hub like this?


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