Claudia Batten

Claudia Batten is a nice Kiwi girl, whose role is the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Regional Director for North America, supporting New Zealand businesses as they grow internationallyClaudia-Batten into the market. She oversees key relationships across the US, Canada and Mexico, and is responsible for operations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Vancouver and Mexico City.

Claudia has spent over 15 years in the technology sector and was part of the founding team of Massive, a first of its kind network for advertising in video games which was sold to Microsoft in 2006. In 2009, she co-founded Victors & Spoils, the first advertising agency built on the principles of crowdsourcing. French company Havas bought a majority interest in the agency in 2012. In 2014 Claudia co-founded Broadli to redefine how we use digital connectivity to power networking.

She has this amazing concept called “Squiggles” and I really like this quote of hers describing what I call “the Iterative Process”:

“A series of mistakes that helps us figure out how to make it all work”

…and another quote from one of her professors that describes the process of scaling up, where he says: “Its just like when you are drunk, you are at your front door and you try to put your key in the door…and you miss…”

“It’s the constant re-calibration to make the key fit into the keyhole”


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Words you should know about- that will Help you Approach your Future…

New Zealander Claudia Batten’s talk in the Antarctic this year was a stunner.

It brought together Peter Diamendis’s “Six D’s of Disruption”, Agile and Lean methodologies and the individualised discipline of Scaling Up.…(this is another Claudia Batten Audio Interview starting at 14 minutes in the interview)

Exponential Organisations Salim Ismail

It’s the reason I started Exponentials Downunder, 16 months ago, out of seeing all of this coming after reading “Exponential Organisations” and hearing what the Singularity University was all about.

This is what we face now, we have already started down this track…and most of us don’t even know what’s going on.

The future 2

Maybe that’s how it should be.

…but I’m sure glad I know about it, moving forward.

I’m moving back to New Zealand soon, looking to support people who will be creating the employment opportunities of the future.

If you want to get a better handle on what is coming, please watch the videos and listen to the podcasts on this post.  It might just give you some ideas!


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Portrait 3

Maori Tech Business Success!

Grant StrakerFrom high-school dropout, to paratrooper, then a chief executive reinventing the $40 billion translation industry, Grant Straker’s journey to the business world has been anything but conventional.

And, with the NZ culture of “I can pick up anything – I’ll figure it out”, Grant’s tale is an inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve something extraordinGrant Straker 2ary.

Most of the big successful innovations and Blue Ocean king hits come from blokes in a garage, working on a shoestring and bending number 8 wire, not men in white overcoats, backed up with big budgets and well resourced laboratories.

So, whadaya have to lose?  C’mon – give it a go!

Here’s a man who comes up through his culture, the armed forces and a return to NZ, not knowing what to do…and comes up with an amazing innovation that he drives with relentless focus building his dream with his eyes wide open.

Check out his NZ Herald video.


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