EXPONENTIALS Down Under Program

Now that  your biggest competition could be anyone with a laptop, you need to be ready for a tsunami of radical change in your industry and your business.

Digital Disruption

As a business owner, you already are disrupted every day.  It’s part of being a business owner.  And as a business you probably don’t even want to know about “digital” disruption.

But it’s not going away.

You can’t ignore it.

It’s real and it’s coming for you and your business.

Its where people figure out a way to use the internet and the enormous computing power now Digital disruption returnsavailable, but yet unused.   They repackage the way you price and deliver your product or service.  They can drop the price dramatically, add enormous value and develop new products and services quickly and easily.

This  creates a situation where your next big competitor could come from anywhere.

In fact, they are teaching how to do this stuff in universities, technical colleges and business incubators all over the world.

A pimply kid in a library with a laptop and a digital strategy could be disrupting your industry with a new way of packaging your products and services.

Mike digitally disrupted his own business

exponential organisations

portrait 1In December last year, Mike Kennedy, international business coach, read the book, “Exponential Organisations” by Salim Ismail

He got scared.

You know, he should have been scared.

It scared him about what’s really happening in his industry.

So  he decided to digitally disrupt himself before someone else did. 

The result? He reduced his coaching fee by 45% and added three times more value.  Read here what he did.

The promise

And that’s just the beginning for his business. Industry norms show that digitally disrupted products and services reduce their costs by up to 90% at the same time as multiplying the power of their value by a factor of 100.

Mike is way more competitive in his industry.  And he has only just started.

The Cloud and the Crowd

The traditional model of your staff developing your business’s products and services is being challenged by new businesses.

They use social media models to design, build and launch complex and technically sophisticatedThe Cloud and the Crowd solutions, using crowds of technically gifted individuals leveraging the huge leap in computing power of the cloud.

They achieve this with either little or  no cost to the company.

This is Mike’s next step.  To open up his business to the crowd of customers out there who want to have a say in developing his business model to suit their needs.

To streamline his business by uploading all of his business processes, such as accounting, HR and legals to the crowd.

This enables unlimited growth capacity for minimal cost.

If you aren’t figuring out how to disrupt your own business and putting that into action right now, then you are in for a shock.

You see, this is real.  It’s happening.

It’s exploding upon industries, catching them unaware and destroying their market share.

• Think: Kodak and the swift uptake of cameras in cellphones.
• Think: Taxi owners and the entry of Uber into the Australian market.
• Think: Hotels and the entry of Airbnb into the Australian market.

It’s only a matter of time before your business gets disrupted.   Probably from somewhere you least expected.

The best defence is active offence – Sun Tsu

That’s why in 2016, we are launchingExponentialsdownunder                                               It’s a closed network of 30 courageous and committed business owners who are going to spend the next 12 months disrupting their businesses.

They’ll be focusing on generating exponential growth. They’ll also be educating themselves and their staff with the key concepts to being a culture of innovation business.

This program is a direct result of Mike digitally disrupting his business in late 2015.  He reduced his monthly fee by 45% and tripled the value to his clients. 

Would you like to create a competitive advantage like that, and more,  for your business?

This is your invitation to join us in 2016

It’s a 12 month program, Starting in the second week of March 2016 and ending in the second week of March 2017, where you work with your own personal business coach to develop, grow and disrupt your business.

You’ll be learning and networking with 30 determined and constantly learning business owners.

You’ll be participating in six powerful workshops designed to fast track your mindset and your execution of business actions. You’ll have access to tools and materials to help you lead and develop your staff’s capabilities and capacities.

In short, you won’t recognise your business or yourself in March 2017.

We don’t accept everyone

You need to be committed, resourceful, open & willing to change your beliefs and attitudes.

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.

This could save your business in 2016

• You will be actively disrupting your business with the aim of at least doubling your turnover by March 2017.
• You’ll be supported to grow, stay on track and be kept accountable with your own business coach with two value packed and efficient hours each month.
• You’ll have access to training that will help you maintain the mindset of a exponential growth business owner
• You’ll build your leadership and communication capability and capacity
• You’ll have access to world class tools and materials from Gazelles and AddsValueBiz that will help you build your staff capability and capacity

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.

Are you serious about growing your business?

If you are, we want to hear from you.

If you can see the tsunami of business disruption on the horizon and you want to put yourself in the best possible position to survive and thrive in these constantly changing business environments, we want to hear from you.

If you want to do the hard work to grow yourself and your business, we want to hear from you.

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.

Our teamExponentialsdownunder

Mike Kennedy

Outdoor portrait

Personal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years.  His company; AddsValue Biz, uses Gazelles “Scaling Up”materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses. He is working this year to complete his certification with Gazelles.   LinkedIn profile.

  • background of running a 25+ year training business in two countries.
  • established international accredited training program in  New Zealand
  • trained and mentored 36 business coaches nationally in New Zealand
  • coached business owners for 15 years nationally in agriculture, financial services, manufacturing and health care industries
  • set up and ran 12 businesses, selling three, in service, education, health and manufacturing industries
  • training to be a certified Gazelles coach
  • coached business clients in Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Cambodia and France

Mike is Colleen’s brother and Rose’s husband.  It’s a family business.

Colleen Kennedy

Col's Portrait

Personal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia.  She uses Gazelles “Scaling Up”materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses. LinkedIn profile

Recently returned from supporting a not-for-profit special needs orphanage to turn around, Colleen set up and managed the Beyond the Ordinary hub and tea house, supporting women’s enterprises in Inner-West Sydney for eight years.

  • 25 years experience as teacher, trainer, mentor and coach
  • trained Results coaches Australia
  • maintained 16 years coaching practice, specialising in growing women’s enterprises
  • studying to be a certified Gazelles coach
Rose Kennedy

Rose 4Administrator, trouble shooter and change agent with a background as a sports coach.  LinkedIn profile.

Rose keeps the two coaches and all participants organised and supported.  She has worked for the last 25 years in Australia and New Zealand as:

  • administration manager
  • executive assistant to GM
  • in-house change agent
  • sales and marketing manager

How you work with us

You will be guided and coached through the processes and materials of Gazelles’ “Scaling up”

You have the answers inside of yourself for any problem, your next big steps and how to develop your business.  You’ll have our support to unlock all of your internal resources.

You’ll hear from us what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Your word is law in your universe and we will help you be rigorous with that. We will hold you to account.

We help you to think resourcefully and bring your best self into your business dealings. We add value to everything we do with you and go beyond your expectations.

You’ll be working hard this year and we will help you avoid staleness and embrace vitality in your business and personal lives. Expect us to challenge you.

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.

Also expect us to add value

Due to our own digital disruption process, you’ll find  we have added significant value to our usual programs.  It equates to about three times the value we previously offered.

It enables you to learn fast, in multiple and convenient ways.

And it supplies you with the materials necessary to enable you teach your team quickly and conveniently.

The 12 month program includes:

Fortnightly coaching valued at $10,800 with your own dedicated coach
Hotline access to your coach valued at $2,400
Six online workshops, on demand, for you and your team, valued at $3,000
• Full access to tools and materials of the Motivation Clinic and Gazelles valued at $2,000
12 online events with other exponential members valued at $1,200
5 text books on fast growth company development including Verne Harnish’s “Scaling Up” valued at $160
50% off the price of any Motivation Clinic workshop or AddsValueBiz service purchased within the 12 month period
• A year long subscription to “Your Daily Disruption” morning email with inspiring, focusing and motivational quotes
• A gala end-of-program online event

That alone is a total of over $19,400 value of learning tools in several different mediums.

You’ll be learning fast and as well, you’ll be equipped to teach your staff.

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.


Either you can pay a payment in advance of $5,500 plus Gst, saving you 10% off the full program fee of $6,000

…or you can manage your cash flow with a regular, no surprises subscription payment of $500 plus Gst per month for the year.

See the program agreement here.

Contact us to arrange a introductory session.


You can apply for this program by contacting Mike Kennedy either by email or by phoning him on +61 (0)439 979 577

You’ll engage in an hour’s coaching session that will help you both decide whether this program is a good fit for you.

If you are still keen to disrupt and grow your business in 2016, then we’ll move forward to:

  • Fill out your confidential application form and business profile
  • Book your 90 day session
  • Set measurable goals for your next 12 months
  • Set your timetable for your year
  • …and get you started on your disruptive journey as a fellow Exponential!

Call Now: +61 (0)439 979 577 or email


Our  values, approach, vision, purpose & mission

Our values


You don’t care how much we know until you know how much we care. We respect our client’s abilities, resourcefulness and vision for their successful future. We don’t rescue or advise anyone.  We know you have your own style of leadership and your own answers and we help you unlock your natural abilities.

Deliver clarity

Clarity leads you to power, action and innovation.  We always seek clarity for our clients.  We use tools that give you your data in the simplest, clearest fashion.

Test and measure

Measuring progress is key to building momentum in business.  We constantly measure and display the most important metrics.

Regular planning

The key to maintaining focus in short sharp 90 day bursts of energy, resources and activity. We do this in one hour intensive planning and review coaching sessions.  We manage and maintain the rhythm & practice of regular planning and reflection for you and your business over a 12 month period.

Have the courage to tell the truth

When everyone else is being polite or simply withholding the truth, we have the courage to tell the truth. You will hear from us, not what you want to hear, but what is important for you to hear.

We are responsible for adding value

Whenever the opportunity to add value occurs; our greatest priority in this moment is to deliver that value.

 Maintain Client Balance

Business people in overwhelm are not able to be resourceful, think properly or make sound decisions in any part of their lives. We keep our clients out of mental and emotional states of overwhelm.  We encourage them to maintain resourceful emotional and thinking states.

Our approach

You have all the answers inside of yourself for  any business or personal challenge.  We unlock and give you access to your internal resources.

We are big fans of our clients – we witness and facilitate their pure genius.

Not only that, we use Gazelles scientific and research based business growth tools and materials.

You can count on us

We have been trained to tell the truth and will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Remember the story  of “The Emperor’s New Clothes“?

We will hold you to account, helping you be rigorous with your word

We help you think resourcefully and put your best into your business dealings

You have your own unique processes and needs.  We are responsive coaches, who dance with whatever is current on your plate, moving you forward, bringing your best self to your business game.  We don’t paint-by-numbers to any rigid system.  We are coaches.

We will help you avoid staleness and overwhelm in your business…and your life.

Expect us to challenge you and get you to stretch.

Our vision

 A culture of enterprising Australians and New Zealanders adding abundant sustainable value to their economies

Our purpose

We are building the economic health of Australia and New Zealand through supporting and educating business owners to develop sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses.

Our mission

Unleashing clear thinking, strategy and execution, achieving inspiring goals.


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